Dec 04 2016

Tenth Orthodox Unity Conference: Living In Union With GOD

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     A Symposium On Salvation In Orthodox Tradition

Summer of 2015


Prof. Richard Schneider, “Theosis in Relation to Iconography: Understanding the Terminology”

Dr. George Habib Bebawi, “Participation and Communion in Christ in the Writings of St. Athanasius”

Bishoy Dawood, “The Doctrine of Theosis in Contemporary Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue”

Donna Rizk, “St. Cyril of Alexandria: Theosis in Participation of Baptism and Eucharist”

Panel Discussion with Prof. R. Schneider, Dr. G.H. Bebawi, B. Dawood, and D. Rizk on Theosis

( Click on the above links to see video recordings of the talks )

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