A New Magazine

 With the help and grace of our Lord, we introduce this new magazine, THE WORD OF LIFE, which aims at encouraging and enhancing the study of the Holy Scriptures from an Orthodox perspective.

The word of God is the foundation of our spiritual life. For through our true understanding of the word and through our conception of the Evangelical truth, we come to know - as persons - the Person of Jesus Christ, and we perceive the salvation that He achieved for us. As a Church, the one thought of the Gospel unifies us to become one body in Christ Jesus, the Head. We believe that the true understanding and the faithful adherence to the word of God is the starting point of any reformation or revival whether it is at the level of individuals, families, or churches.

Moreover, the word of God has also an important role to play at the Ecumenical level toward the unity of the churches on earth. The word of God is the blessed and divine seed that brings forth the fruits of love and oneness of mind; it sanctifies the souls and the relationships between all. We believe that all attempts to reconcile the churches without the truth of the Bible are fruitless. But through the knowledge of the Gospel of God, the churches as well as the souls, are liberated from its enclosure, narrowness and ethnic strife to enjoy the light of the knowledge of Truth and the freedom of the children of God.

This magazine is published by Saint Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship. This Fellowship has conducted various activities for developing the interest of young people and adults in studying the Bible, and for preparing the Orthodox Christian people to be ready to preach their faith to the others. These activities have included encouraging Bible study in our houses and in our gatherings, mailing of "Short Notes on the Bible" which introduces various books of the Bible to Christian people and help them in starting a Bible study, and holding Annual Conferences to enhance the spiritual interaction of its members and to offer them biblical, theological and spiritual studies by specialized speakers. The "Short Notes on the Bible" have now covered the five Books of Moses as well as the four Gospels. They are sent freely to all members and all who request them. They are also available to the public on the World Wide Web at the Home page of the Fellowship, http://www.mesk.com/SMOF, or http://www.qinet/~rslabib/index.html

Now, the Fellowship is introducing this magazine to offer advanced biblical Orthodox studies that help the Bible reader to perceive the Orthodox truth and the spiritual vision that we received from our early holy fathers of the Church. We hope that the articles published here meet a reasonable standard of sound research and scholarly level of study. However, our primary purpose is to help you to learn the word of God in order to live according to its principals, that is why we called it "The Word of Life".

As we present this work to our readers, we hope to develop a dialogue between the magazine and its readers. We will be glad and grateful to receive your letters, or emails that express your opinions, reflections, questions and your contribution of articles - if you have any - to the Bible study.

In this first issue of "Word of Life", we start the English articles with Rev. Fr. Malaty’s article, "Why would you die starving, while you have food within reach?" And the food is the life-giving word of God. The article ends up giving practical steps to prepare us for the heavenly table. The next article is a scholarly study of the spiritual exegetic style of the School of Alexandria as contrasted to the School of Antioch. And the last English article shows the historical stages of collecting and canonizing the New Testament Books, and explains the Christian understanding of "inspiration". The Arabic articles start with an integrated study of the four Gospels that will be continued in forthcoming issues. In the next article, we offer the reader the means of interacting with the word of God in order to live accordingly, for it is by the word of God that our pilgrimage in the present life shines and our souls become illuminated.

We submit our humble effort to the Lord God entreating Him to bless this work and make it a cause of blessing for many of His people. We also ask for the prayers of the readers, so that the work may be accomplished for the glory of the Lord.