Nov 05 2010


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On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus


The author of this book is Father Lev Gillet who is known as a “Monk of the Eastern (Russian) Church.” The book was published by St. Sergios Fellowship in London. It was translated into Arabic by the late Father Bishoy Kamel in 1961.

The book presents to us in a spiritual depth and in an Orthodox style the easiest and simplest way of the continuous individual prayer. The author gradually presents to us this prayer so that it becomes a continuous life of fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

The focus of the Jesus Prayer is to repeat the name of “Jesus” quietly and to meditate on the words of the prayer, “O my Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner” or “O Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” or “My Lord Jesus” or simply “Jesus”.

The major points in this book include the following:

To train ourselves to recite the name “Jesus” with our lips and to think with our mind in silence, simplicity, and gentleness until the mind becomes occupied with the Lord Jesus and the soul get satisfied in His remembrance.

The calling of the name of “Jesus” becomes a spiritual way of life. We know that those who use this prayer achieve inner Joy and enjoy spiritual fervor.

This prayer is a way of worship that makes us feel the continuous presence of the Lord in our life, and leads us to salvation, victory and peace even in the time of temptation and it takes away the evil thoughts and imaginations from us.

Pronouncing the name of Jesus makes Him dwell in our hearts by faith and make us feel the presence of the Word of God united with us.

Repeating the name of the Lord remind us of the life of the Lord on earth and make us meet with Him in many events of His life such as from the Transfiguration to Gethsemani and from Golgotha to the Resurrection.

In the person of the Lord Jesus we meet with Angels and Saints, e.g. Gabriel was the first to announce the name of Jesus on earth. And we meet with the Virgin Mother of God who “is blessed among women”, as we meet with the disciples, and with Mary Magdalene who was the first to announce the Resurrection.

Reciting the name of Jesus can be an invisible Eucharist and a secret spiritual communion with the Lord who is the bread of life.

In repeating the name of the Lord Jesus we get closer to God the Father because Jesus is the Word of the Living God: “I am in the Father and the Father is in Me”.

When we call Jesus we can feel our unity with the Holy Spirit and enter into the mystery of Divine Love who is present between the Son and the Holy Spirit and we see in Jesus the mouth that breathes the Holy Spirit.

In spite of the fact that the book was written by a monk from the Russian Church in the 20th Century, it echoes the spirit and the life style of the monastic Fathers of the first centuries of Christianity. It is also a new version of the words of the Coptic Liturgical hymn “The remembrance of your holy name, gave joy to our souls, O Lord Jesus Christ, my good Savior”.


1- Arabic, “Salat Yasoua”, from Holy Virgin Mary Church, 4900 Cleland Avenue, LA, CA 90042;

2- English: from Light & Life Publishing, order # ONTH190, 4818 Park Glen Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55416. Check first with your local Church Book Store.

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