Jun 28 2012

The Pentateuch – Forward

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In response to the suggestions of many members of Saint Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship, and to fulfill the goals intended from the studies we published during the last two years (entitled Short Notes on the Bible) about the five books of Moses, we have edited and compiled them into this book you have now before you.

By publishing these studies in a single book, our goal is to make this material readily accessible to you whenever you need a concise, clear reference to this part of the Old Testament. We have added to the previously published individual studies a number of selected questions, verses, and issues to aid in the further study of these Books, as well as a number of colored plates which depict great events mentioned in them. Further, there is a detailed map illustrating the location of events that happened in this earlier age of mankind.

Saint Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship offers sincere thanks to the Reverend Fathers, Fr. Ray Valencia and Fr. Duane Johnson of The Orthodox Church of Saint Matthew at Columbia, MD for their help in editing this book. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for this collaboration between two sister Orthodox Churches, the Orthodox Church in America and the Coptic Orthodox Church. We look at this event as a successful step in uniting the people of God in Christian Love, which is the true sign of discipleship to the Lord (John 13:35).

We submit this book to you the reader with the hope that it will lead you into a deeper and wider knowledge of the word of God, both in the Old and New Testaments. We ask God to use this study for the glory of His Holy Name, spreading the word of life and extending His Kingdom.

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