Jun 28 2012

The Books of Acts & Joshua – Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


Foreword                                                                               3

Introduction                                                                            9

THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES                                    

Introduction                                                                           10

Classification                                                                          12

Section 1: 1-The beginning of Apostolic Evangelization            14

2- The characteristics of the First Church                    14

Section 2: The spread of the Church outside of Jerusalem       23

Section 3: The Ministry of St. Peter the Apostle                      25

Section 4: The Ministry of St. Paul the Apostle                       29

The First Missionary Trip                                           29

The Second Missionary Trip                                      34

The Third Missionary Trip                                          40

The Fourth Missionary Trip                                        46


Introduction                                                                           52
Joshua, Son of Nun                                                                52

Joshua as a type of Christ                                                       54

The Book of Joshua and its contents                                       55

The author of the Book of Joshua                                           56

The End                                                                                 59

Saint Mark’s Orthodox Fellowship                                         60

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